Bomber Crypto Simulator – How To Earn Crypto Coins through it?

Bomber Crypto Simulator – We have been playing games all our childhood. Games give us the satisfaction of achievements and milestone completions. With that, many games has their own in-game currency that adds a layer of …

Bomber Crypto Simulator

Bomber Crypto Simulator – We have been playing games all our childhood. Games give us the satisfaction of achievements and milestone completions. With that, many games has their own in-game currency that adds a layer of interest to the game. We strive hard to get richer and richer by earning the most out of it. However, the in-game currency is not worth anything in real life and we only waste our precious time playing these games.

But times are changing and games have become more advanced and value added. Cryptocurrency is the digital money that everyone is talking about. Crypto games have made their name in the gaming industry by providing an avenue for gamers to earn real money through it. In this article, we will talk about Bomber Crypto Simulator. It is an online crypto game that allows players to win NFTs and BCoins. Read more about it in this article.

What is Bomber Crypto Simulator

Bomber Crypto Simulator is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency game that is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The game gives you a chance to collect NFT characters that are known as Bomber Heroes which can be used in the game or traded with other players. Similarly, you also earn BCoins that are known as BombCrypto. BCoins can be earned through NFTs and can also be used to get new NFTs.

The game was released in September 2021 and has made its way to becoming the top NFT player to earn the game. The gameplay is of a typical Bomberman game that will give a nostalgic kick to those who spent their childhood in the late 1990s. The graphics of the game match those of a pixelated game that gives the same vintage feel.

BombCrypto in Bomber Crypto Simulator is worth $1 according to its current market cap value. It can be used to buy better and stronger heroes that overpower your enemies.

How to Play-To-Earn On Bomber Crypto?

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You can claim your earnings after mining at least 40% BCoins in the game. Your earnings will be deemed after subtracting a 4% withdrawal fee. The amount of money that you can earn depends on the game mode and how often you play.  You can even play Bomber Crypto on multiple accounts. Let’s look at how we can earn through this game.

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Bomber Crypto – Treasure Hunt

In the treasure hunt mode, you are required to clear the map as quickly as possible. This game can be aced by having better bombers and a huge number of them. It could take an hour or a bit longer to clear a map. This depends on your hero’s levels and stats. The more quickly you clear the map, the more BCoins you can earn. Currently, one map can get you up to 4 to 5 BCoins. This value depends on the fluctuations and its current value of it.

Bomber Crypto Simulator – Story Mode

In the story mode, you can earn BCoins by mining blocks or defeating monsters. The Story Mode can only be played if you find a specific key in the treasure hunt mode. One key allows you one run in the story mode. You can play with a maximum of 15 heroes in this mode.

Bomber Crypto Simulator – Battle Mode

This mode is the riskiest and hence also gives you the chance to earn big. It is not suitable for beginners as they do not stand a chance here. Many players play this game at a time and a winner pool is accumulated. The winner gets to keep the entire pot of the prize. You can have greater chances to win in this mode by pairing with a hero with good stats and high rarity.

How to Buy NFTs On Bomber Crypto Simulator

The shop is the easiest way to get NFTs. You can get one NFT bomber of 10 BCoin each. The hero you get is random but there is a high chance it will be a hero of common rarity. The marketplace is where all players assemble to trade stuff. You can take part in auctions and can purchase NFTs here as well.

Lastly, you can get NFT heroes in the treasure mode. You have a chance of encountering a trapped hero. You heroes have a limited time to free the trapped hero. If they succeed, you get to keep the hero.

A Few Last Words

Bomber Crypto Simulator is an interesting game but it does require you to make an initial investment to start playing the game. Also, crypto games are subject to risk, hence do your detailed research before playing such games.

Comment down below your views and suggestions regarding this game and tell us if you would play it or not.

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