Should You Invest in Ethereum in 2022?

The crypto’s fame and popularity have literally made it a celebrity in recent years. Investors and businesses alike are rushing to embrace it. It all began when the world was introduced to Bitcoin a decade …

Should You Invest in Ethereum in 2022?

The crypto’s fame and popularity have literally made it a celebrity in recent years. Investors and businesses alike are rushing to embrace it. It all began when the world was introduced to Bitcoin a decade ago. Since then, Bitcoin has been an undisputed king of the crypto throne. Many digital currencies came and died, but Bitcoin continues to rule to this day. Carl Runefelt is a global crypto leader and investor who is a strong proponent of Bitcoin adoption. He says, “We live in a digital world, we need digital money, and we need non-political digital money and Bitcoin is the resolution and I think that right now people are realizing it, but it will take some time before we see the full transformation.” But have you ever wondered which crypto comes second to Bitcoin? That’s Ethereum!

Although Ethereum falls behind Bitcoin, it offers far more applications than Bitcoin.

So should you buy Ethereum instead of Bitcoin? How viable will this investment be?

Let’s uncover this for you

An Overview of Ethereum

You can credit Ethereum with the innovations it has brought to the crypto sphere.

For starters, it offers smart contracts. It allows computers to run them.

So what are these smart contracts that Ethereum pride itself on?

Simply put, smart contracts give you the ability to perform transactions without involving a third party. These smart contracts are traceable and immutable – thanks to blockchain technology.

The smart contract capabilities have introduced us to a technologically-advanced era of computer programming and digital ownership.

These innovative capabilities along with the rising demand for Ethereum, have made it an attractive investment option for investors.

Carl Runefelt, while speaking on his YouTube channel, The Moon, said, “I had gotten some nice profits from my Ethereum holdings for a long time. I have been holding Ethereum for multiple years.”

So does innovation alone make Ethereum a good investment?

Not really! But we will outline some of the major reasons why Ethereum should be your next choice of investment in 2022

Let’s dig in!

Reasons Why Ethereum is a Good Investment in 2022

Launched in 2016, people have gradually accepted Ethereum over time. And it has turned out to be quite profitable for them too.

So let’s look at the reasons why Ethereum is a good investment option for you.

The magnificent interconnection:

One of the biggest innovations of Ethereum is its ability to run smart contracts.

Let us break it down for you what smart contracts are.

Imagine you want to own a luxury car or a mansion in a foreign country. You would have to pass through bureaucratic bottlenecks and red-tapism of that country to get the ownership.

With smart contracts, you skip this hassle. Ethereum smart contracts allow you to secure ownership of that house or car. And the best part? You can pay for them in Ethereum too.

Gist being: Ethereum is rendering interconnections around the world for businesses and customers.

Ethereum will gift us tokenization:

Here’s something that will surprise you: The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2027, up to 10 percent of the world’s GDP will be transacted and stored through blockchain technology.

This means that each country will use 10 percent of its GDP in the blockchain.

Just imagine the concept of tokenization and all its use cases for Ethereum. So if you invest in Ethereum today, you’re already way ahead of others in the future.

Ethereum breaks the chains of censorship:

Facebook, Google, and Twitter monitor and moderate your data. They sometimes delete or even hide your data. This is because they reserve the right to do so. And there is nothing you can do about it. Can you? (You wish!)

With Ethereum blockchain, there is no more censorship. Ethereum believes in transparency and openness. It keeps you informed owing to its core principle, decentralization.

No more muzzling and gagging! Your opinions and pieces of information will remain uncensored—no more governments stepping in to snatch your right to free speech.

Let us say that Ethereum is more democratic than these tech giants!

Ethereum is an innovation hub:

You must have seen cryptocurrencies dying out eventually after a sudden crash. Luna, for instance, is the most recent example.

But Ethereum is not that creed.

Remember when the crypto bubble burst back in 2017, and Ethereum lost 84 percent of its value? Well, Ethereum refused to die.

It rose, and it rose with much more momentum and strength – like the stubbornness of the internet back in the 90s!

Today there are countless projects underway on Ethereum; charging stations, microgrids, electric vehicles, etc. It is brimming with innovation in the tech industry.

Ethereum is the Future

The crypto bubble of 2017 has burst. Today Ethereum is far more potent and continues to come up with incredible innovations.

Invest in Ethereum if you want to reap countless benefits in the future.

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